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Post 3: Knowing the Importance of Your Goals

post-3The first post in this series challenged you to think about why you are involved in this sport. The second post explained how to set your outcome goals. If you have not gone through those them yet, you should!

We need to take one step before we break down your outcome into numerous process goals to help you progress. So the third post in this series is short and to the point and it is again related to the first challenge I issued in this series. Just like you need to know WHY you tri, you also need to know WHY you want each of the outcome based goals that you wrote. Why do you want them? Why are you willing to dedicate time and resources to achieving each goal? How will this affect or change your life (or will it)? How will you feel fulfilled if you accomplish this goal?  What will happen if you don’t reach your goal?

Coach’s Challenge 
Write out a “why paragraph” for each one of your outcome based goals that you set after last post. This doesn’t have to be long, but you need to clearly hash out why this goal is important to you!

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