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Part 4: Action Plan!

goals-post-4Now that you have thought about WHY YOU TRI, wrote out your OUTCOME GOALS, and then thought about WHY each goal is important, it is time to put together a plan of action to help guide you along the way. (If you haven’t done steps 1-3 yet, click on the links in the previous sentence!) Basically, you want to put together a blueprint for how you want to build throughout the season. If you are working with a coach, this is where they come in to the process. A coach cannot choose your outcome based goals. However, a coach should be able to help you build your PROCESS goals to help you figure out what you need to do to progress towards the outcome you desire. Your process goals break everything up into small and manageable steps. They help you figure out where to start, and should give you ways to measure your progress. If you are using a coach, advisor, or friend to help you set the process goals, you still need to own them. They must be yours, you must buy in and believe that accomplishing them will bring you one step closer to your cherished outcome.

Process goals can also provide motivation along your journey. If you just look at the big picture or your big outcome that you are pushing after, it can often be daunting. The goal can seem very far off or it can seem that you have so far to go to be able to achieve it. But process goals can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. They can be as simple and very short term or they can have a longer timeline. The list of process goals is set, adjusted, and constantly added to as you progress towards your outcome.

post-4If your outcome goal is to complete your first triathlon, think about how you can put together small manageable chunks that will help guide your training. Where do you need to start? Where can you most effectively spend your time? What do you need to do to execute and get the most out of each training session? Where is your focus while training? How much do you need to improve in any of the legs of the sport to get your goal? How can you break that down into smaller chunks? These are just a few examples.

goals-post-4_2Coach’s Challenge
This challenge is probably the most difficult and will take a good deal of time. however, this step significantly increases your chances of reaching your Outcome Goals. So, the challenge is to write out process goals that will guide you toward your desired outcome. What can you do this week that will help you improve? What can you do this month? What changes do you need to make? Start thinking about this, talk to the people helping you on your journey. Make an action plan!

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