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The coaches who are a part of Matt Hanson Coaching believe that you cannot simply learn how to coach by taking a weekend course or by being a good triathlete. Those are a great start, but there is so much more to coaching. So MHC is excited to announce the addition of a Coach Mentor Program. Each mentee will work with one of the MHC coaches for one year to develop their skills and style as a coach. At the completion of the program, each mentee will have the opportunity to apply to be an official MHC coach.

Meet the Mentees

Coach Ashley Williams
USTF Level 1
USAT Level 1
Strength and Conditioning Fly solo
UEFA B License (Level 4 soccer)

Ashley grew up playing and coaching professional soccer in Great Britain, before moving to the United States. His love for running brought him into the triathlon world and has starting coaching. 

Ashley has worked with a number of athletes from the National Disability Soccer team to professional soccer players. He has a degree in sport and exercise science working with cyclists through Vo2 max testing and developing the coaching athlete relationship with is ongoing Masters. 


Coach Chris Baty
Ironman University Certified
USAT Level 1

Chris grew up playing soccer in High School and in College He has coached youth soccer on my different levels.  He has completed 5 full distance Ironman’s and numerous other triathlons at varying distances. He loves working with a wide range of athletes from novice to advanced. 

Chris brings an analytical and encouraging approach to his coaching style. He enjoys participating in triathlons and encouraging his fellow athletes, and will develop an individualized training plan based on your goals.


Coach Guilherme Muglia Campos
ITU Level 1

Guilherme “Gui” Muglia Campos, a Brazilian-Italian double citizen, recently became a permanent resident in the United States of America. He spent many summers overseas training and learning new cultures and languages. He speaks Portuguese, Italian and English fluently and can handle the basics of Spanish and French.

From a very young age Gui has always played sports with a competitive focus. With his educational background and unique experiences inside this sport he is able to help other athletes achieve their racing goals and fulfill their experiences. He is a big believer in communication and feedback, that they are key for performance in such a complex sport that involves 3 different disciplines.



Coach Becky McMorries 

Becky started competing in triathlons in 2007. Since then, she has been a 2x Boston Qualifier and 4x Ironman Finisher – Louisville, Texas (x2) and Arizona.

In 2010 Becky moved to Nacogdoches, TX and began coaching started her own group. She started with seven beginner triathletes and over the past eight years has coached beginner and advanced athletes to finish lines from the 5K to marathon and sprint to Ironman distances.